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September Meeting – Doctor Who Trivia

September’s meeting will be held at the Northcote Town Hall on Saturday 13th of September at 12pm. We will be running a Doctor Who Trivia contest, so brush up on your knowledge and team up with others to see how can win! And don’t worry if you aren’t a trivia buff, as the contest will […]

Doctor Who Convention Guest Updates

Some great news for us Melbourne Whovians again, with two guest announcements being made over the last week, with both classic and new series guests coming to our shores at the end of the year. Armageddon Expo will be hosting the current companion – Jenna Coleman (Clara Osawald) in October, while First Contact’s Lords of […]

May DWCV Meeting – Radio Play and Cosplay

Next month’s meeting will be held on May 10th at the Northcote Town Hall. The meeting will combine a radio play – REVENGE OF THE UNREALISTRATIONS – being read and performed by members of the club, along with a couple of panels on cosplay and costuming. We will also be having an informal cosplay competition. […]

Doctor Who Preachrs Podcast 2

Be sure to check out the Doctor Who Preachrs Podcast Live recording as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The show features Rob Lloyd (Who, Me) and Benjamin Maio Mackay (Preachrs Podcast) as they are kidnapped by Daleks and questioned about The Doctor and much more. For more information visit our events page here, […]

Whoniverse Event Cancelled

Hub Productions upcoming Whoniverse has been cancelled due to a personal issue which has prevented Matt Smith from traveling outside the UK. After Karen Gillian had to pull out of Melbourne and Sydney, the company had decided to cancel the event and issue refunds to those who had purchased tickets. A statement by Matt Smith […]

DWCV Club Meeting – March 8th

The next DWCV meeting will be held at the Northcote Town Hall on March 8th. We will be covering Doctor Who on YouTube and Romance in Doctor Who, along with running a member participation competition. For more information visit the events page here. We’ll also have a ‘Time Tots Corner’ with activities for kids, so […]

Peter Davison to Appear on Studio 10

Peter Davison – The 5th Doctor – will be appearing on Channel 10’s ‘Studio 10’ program on Wednesday 12th February. Studio 10 is broadcast at 8:30am, although there is no mention of what time he will be appearing, according to their Facebook page, he will be arriving in the TARDIS. The program can also be […]

Lords of Time 2 Convention

Lords of Time 2 is being held in Melbourne this weekend – Saturday December 7. This is an opportunity to meet some of the companions from the classic series … and one Doctor. Confirmed guests in attendance are: Frazer Hines – Jamie, Companion for the 2nd Doctor Deborah Watling – Victoria, Companion to the 2nd […]

‘Splendid Chaps’ update

The ‘Splendid Chaps’ year-long celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ continues this weekend. The show will feature actor Toby Truslove (ABC’s Laid, Outland, The Strange Calls) and cultural theorist Dr Djoymi Baker discussing the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and the notion of “evil” in Doctor Who. Is it absolute? Are there cosmic forces […]

Convention update

The guest list for the ‘Lords of Time’ convention continues to increase, as does the events within it. Joining Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Paul McGann will be John Leeson, Frazer Hines, Nicholas Briggs, Janet Fielding and Alexandra Tynan! There has never been anything resembling that many ‘Doctor Who’ guests at an Australian […]