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News about Doctor Who

And the 13th Doctor is…

In a bold move by the BBC, the next Doctor has been announced to be a female! Actress Jodie Whittaker is to be the 13th (or if you want to be technical, it would be 14th, but lets just leave it at 13) incarnation of The Doctor. She has previously worked with new showrunner Chris Chibnall […]

And the New Companion is…

The BBC have announced that the new companion will be played by Pearl Mackie. Pearl is 28 years old, and was born in South London. She has only had a couple of screen roles, having a part in the TV show ‘Doctors’ (a little ironic) and the 2013 film ‘Svengali’. However she has had a […]

ABC1 Sneak Peek Trailer / iView Information

ABC1 has added a sneak peek trailer for Episode 1 to their YouTube channel. Also, according to Doctor Who News, the series will be shown at the same time as the UK [currently 5:30 am EST, but may vary if the broadcast time changes in the UK], but only on iView. Unfortunately there won’t be […]

ABC Trailer and Screening Information

The ABC have uploaded the official Season 9 trailer to their YouTube channel. The trailer is the same as the UK trailer, but with ABC branding. The trailer ends with ‘starts September 20’ which indicates we will be getting this season fast-tracked from the UK. There has been no mention as yet as to whether […]

Last Christmas Screening Details

The ABC have confirmed the details of this year’s Christmas Special – The Last Christmas. The episode will be screening on Friday December 26th at 7:30pm on ABC1 but unfortunately there will be no direct early-morning screening. The episode will be 60 minutes long. Source: DWCA

Deep Breath Viewing Information

Here’s a round-up of the viewing options that us fans in Australia have in regards to the season premiere on Sunday 24th August. ABC1 Direct Broadcast – the episode will be screening directly from the UK at 4:50am in the morning for those early-birds! ABC iView – the ABC’s online media service will have the […]

Deep Breath to Screen in Cinemas

The BBC has announced that the first episode of series 8 – Deep Breath – will be shown in cinemas around the world.  Keep an eye on your local cinema’s website – most likely Hoyts and Village here in Melbourne – for details and screening times. BBC Website:  

Series 8 Australian Air Date

ABC TV has confirmed that the Australian air date for Series 8 will be on Sunday August 24, with the episode entitled “Deep Breath”. The series will once again be fast-tracked from the UK, scheduled to be aired in the UK on August 23rd (which would be early in the morning of Sunday 24th here […]

Series 8 to Air in August

A new teaser trailer released by the BBC confirms that series 8 of Doctor Who will air in August. The 15 second trailer shows silhouette of the 12th Doctor in the TARDIS. No confirmation as yet as to when the ABC will be airing the series, but if recent seasons are of any indication, we’d […]

‘The Day of the Doctor’ viewing figures

Despite airing from 6:50am on a Sunday morning in the east (and at 3:50am in Western Australia!) a rather stunning 424,000 people (in the “Five Cities” area, overnight) were up early to watch the simulcast of the anniversary story ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Something like 60,000 people then watched in a cinema during the […]