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News about Doctor Who

Series 8 Australian Air Date

ABC TV has confirmed that the Australian air date for Series 8 will be on Sunday August 24, with the episode entitled “Deep Breath”. The series will once again be fast-tracked from the UK, scheduled to be aired in the UK on August 23rd (which would be early in the morning of Sunday 24th here […]

Series 8 to Air in August

A new teaser trailer released by the BBC confirms that series 8 of Doctor Who will air in August. The 15 second trailer shows silhouette of the 12th Doctor in the TARDIS. No confirmation as yet as to when the ABC will be airing the series, but if recent seasons are of any indication, we’d […]

‘The Day of the Doctor’ viewing figures

Despite airing from 6:50am on a Sunday morning in the east (and at 3:50am in Western Australia!) a rather stunning 424,000 people (in the “Five Cities” area, overnight) were up early to watch the simulcast of the anniversary story ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Something like 60,000 people then watched in a cinema during the […]

Peter Davison is a genius

For those of you not totally distracted by that other thing today, you have to watch The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. The last six weeks have been a pretty awesome celebration of the show.

Trailers in the build-up to the fiftieth anniversary

[THIS POST UPDATES] The sheer number of videos, interviews, and other goodies to come out in the past week has been overwhelming, and there’s still a week to go… To jump immediately to the big one, we have ‘The Night of the Doctor’, a prelude to the anniversary tale ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Even […]

ABC scheduling of ‘Day of the Doctor’ and ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, and more

The ABC is joining in the worldwide synchronised launch of ‘Day of the Doctor’, and with the announcement from the BBC of the actual time it will start in the UK, we can safely speculate that the ABC’s screening will start at 6:50am AEST on 24 November. What is confirmed is that the repeat that […]

Fiftieth Anniversary story to be shown in cinemas in Australia

A few hours after the worldwide debut on Sunday November 24 (our time), there will be screenings in 87 cinemas around Australia of ‘The Day of the Doctor’. The Victorian sites are: Melbourne Hoyts Northland Hoyts Victoria Gardens Hoyts Frankston Hoyts Highpoint Village Jam Factory Village Fountain Gate Village Southland Village Knox Village Sunshine Cinema […]

Early fiftieth birthday present: lost episodes of Doctor Who found!

Finally, after more than a year of crazy rumours… Now we wait till Friday morning Australian time for the actual press conference, and to find out whether it’s 2, 17 (the oft-mentioned “MEW theory” of Marco Polo, Enemy of the World, and Web of Fear), or 105 episodes (c’mon, nobody thinks ‘The Feast of Stephen’ […]

‘The Next Doctor’ — revealed Monday 5 August at 4AM!

The ABC will simulcast the BBC announcement of the actor to play the twelfth incarnation of The Doctor. The live half-hour show will start this Monday at 4:00am Australian eastern time on ABC1, with a repeat on ABC2 at 8:30pm. It will also be available on iView on Monday morning. Current Doctor Matt Smith and […]

All the new series being repeated!

Starting tomorrow with ‘Rose’, we get one new episode of ‘Doctor Who’ every weekday on ABC2 all the way through to November 22. One day off (perhaps!) and then presumably the fiftieth anniversary story gets aired here on November 24. Now that’s one hell of a “catch-up”!