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First Contact Conventions

The Show

BBC Official Site
Official site of the show

Restoration Team
The people who clean up those DVDs and fill them with features

News Sites

Doctor Who News
Best un-official Doctor Who news site

Doctor Who Online
Long-running site with news, a forum, and other features

Other Clubs

Doctor Who Australia
Doctor Who Club of Australia

South Australian Doctor Who Fan Club

The West Lodge
Western Australian Doctor Who Fan Club

Doctor Who Appreciation Society (in the UK)

Other sites

Doctor Who Guide
A huge reference guide

A Brief History of Time (Travel)
Another huge reference guide

DVD Covers
A collection of assorted covers by different artists, including those for the 9th Doctor.

Davie Howe’s website
Doctor Who Historian and author of the transcendental toybox of which there is a newer version. Also check out the LINKS section so you can read the TARDIS manual.

David J Richardson’s website
This page is maintained by one of our members and a past Sonic Screwdriver editor. Check it out.