Lords of Time 4 – with Catherine Tate

First Contact Conventions have announced that they will be holding a one-off convention with Catherine Tate (who played companion Donna Noble) in November. Coinciding with when Catherine Tate is in town for her stage show on November 17th, this event will have more of a Doctor who focus, with a Q&A panel, autograph opportunities and photo opportunities. The event will be limited to 300 places, with both General and VIP tickets available (General $90/VIP $400).

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the First Contact Conventions website.

Please note that November 17th was when we had scheduled our Christmas/Anniversary Party meeting this year, so we will most likely need to move this to the following week (which is actually the usual week we have this meeting, but we had to move it due to our venue being unavailable). Please check back on the events page for any date and/or venue changes.

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