Peter Davison to Appear on Studio 10

Peter Davison – The 5th Doctor – will be appearing on Channel 10′s ‘Studio 10′ program on Wednesday 12th February. Studio 10 is broadcast at 8:30am, although there is no mention of what time he will be appearing, according to their Facebook page, he will be arriving in the TARDIS. The program can also be viewed live online at Ten Play for those of you not near a TV at the time.

Lords of Time 2 Convention

Lords of Time 2 is being held in Melbourne this weekend – Saturday December 7. This is an opportunity to meet some of the companions from the classic series … and one Doctor.

Confirmed guests in attendance are:

  • Frazer Hines – Jamie, Companion for the 2nd Doctor
  • Deborah Watling – Victoria, Companion to the 2nd Doctor
  • Richard Franklin – Capt Mike Yates of UNIT with the 3rd Doctor
  • Mark Strickson – Turlough, Companion to the 5th Doctor
  • Daphne Ashbrook – Grace, Companion to the 8th Doctor
  • Nicola Bryant – Peri, Companion to the 5th and 6th Doctor
  • Wendy Padbury – Zoe, Companion to the 2nd Doctor
  • Paul McGann – The 8th Doctor
  • Charlie Hayes – Big Finish Productions
  • Nev Fountain – Writer of 3 Big Finish stories

For tickets and more information, visit; or tickets available on the day.

Daphne Ashbrook will also be performing a concert on Friday night (additional entrance cost applies).

‘The Day of the Doctor’ viewing figures

Despite airing from 6:50am on a Sunday morning in the east (and at 3:50am in Western Australia!) a rather stunning 424,000 people (in the “Five Cities” area, overnight) were up early to watch the simulcast of the anniversary story ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Something like 60,000 people then watched in a cinema during the day, and then there were 922,000 watching the repeat come 7:30pm, making it the #1 drama for the day, #1 show for the ABC, and #9 overall.

There were also 51,000 watching on iView.

‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ finished the night with 633,000 viewers, #17 for the day overall.

Peter Davison is a genius

For those of you not totally distracted by that other thing today, you have to watch The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

The last six weeks have been a pretty awesome celebration of the show.

Anniversary Cake

What’s a party without a cake? Seven hours of DWCV goodness today, including a range of themed goodies.

And yes, I tried the fish fingers and custard. It’s better than it sounds.

Doctor Who 50th anniversary party cake

Trailers in the build-up to the fiftieth anniversary


The sheer number of videos, interviews, and other goodies to come out in the past week has been overwhelming, and there’s still a week to go…

To jump immediately to the big one, we have ‘The Night of the Doctor’, a prelude to the anniversary tale ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Even if you don’t normally go for the non-televised additions, let me say quite firmly YOU MUST WATCH THIS.

The first couple minutes (or close to it) of ‘The Day of the Doctor’ were shown as part of ‘Children in Need’:

There were several trailers and teasers before that — here’s the longest and splashiest one so far:

Before that, there was the ’50 Years’ teaser — nothing really from the upcoming story, but a visual treat and celebration of so many aspects of the show over the decades:

And rolling back all of those fifty years, here’s the trailer for the docudrama ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, which will air on November 21 in the UK and on November 24 on the ABC:

There’s plenty more out there, including An Evening With Steven Moffat re-capping the show’s history. Busy times!

ADDED Monday 19 Nov: federal parliamentarians speak on the anniversary!

ADDED Tuesday 20 Nov: Sydney Newman explains the concept of the show to Verity Lambert in this preview clip from ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’.

ADDED Wednesday 21 Nov: Publicity machine hits overdrive. But what is the spray bottle for?!?

ADDED Friday 21 Nov: this is a bit fluffy, but includes some interesting behind-the-scene shots.

ABC scheduling of ‘Day of the Doctor’ and ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, and more

The ABC is joining in the worldwide synchronised launch of ‘Day of the Doctor’, and with the announcement from the BBC of the actual time it will start in the UK, we can safely speculate that the ABC’s screening will start at 6:50am AEST on 24 November.

What is confirmed is that the repeat that evening will start at 7:30pm. The docudrama about the origins of the show, ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, will follow directly afterwards at 8:50pm, and run another hour-and-a-half.

If you’re looking to see ‘Day of the Doctor’ in 3D at the cinemas (see our earlier post), be warned some sessions are selling out already. Most of the mainstream theatres have sessions at 4pm on Sunday 24 November, with some having extras at other times. The most options appears to be at Cinema Nova, with 11 sessions on the Sunday (some already sold out) and a few more in following days.

The trailer for ‘Day of the Doctor’ has been leaked a day early in Spain. For the moment at least, it can be viewed at:

There are literally dozens of other TV and radio shows related to the anniversary that will air around the world over the next few weeks… you may have to be more creative in finding them!

Doctor Who “pop-up shop” in Melbourne during November

A Doctor Who “pop-up shop” will appear in Richmond on this weekend, and hang around for about three weeks. The store opens at 9am on Saturday November 9, with prizes for the first 20 fans in costume.

The store will include a range of merchandise not normally distributed within Australia as well as a TARDIS and K-9 on display.

The store is at 177 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC, 3121 and open seven days a week.

More info at

Fiftieth Anniversary story to be shown in cinemas in Australia

A few hours after the worldwide debut on Sunday November 24 (our time), there will be screenings in 87 cinemas around Australia of ‘The Day of the Doctor’. The Victorian sites are:

Hoyts Northland
Hoyts Victoria Gardens
Hoyts Frankston
Hoyts Highpoint
Village Jam Factory
Village Fountain Gate
Village Southland
Village Knox
Village Sunshine
Cinema Nova
Dendy Brighton

Village Geelong
Peninsula Sorrento
Peninsula Rosebud
Peninsula Warragul

Hoyts Albury
Echuca Paramount
Deakin Cinema Mildura
Wangaratta Cinema Centre

Early fiftieth birthday present: lost episodes of Doctor Who found!

Finally, after more than a year of crazy rumours…

one does simply find Doctor Who episodes

Now we wait till Friday morning Australian time for the actual press conference, and to find out whether it’s 2, 17 (the oft-mentioned “MEW theory” of Marco Polo, Enemy of the World, and Web of Fear), or 105 episodes (c’mon, nobody thinks ‘The Feast of Stephen’ could possibly exist).

More info in this BBC News article.