ABC scheduling of ‘Day of the Doctor’ and ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, and more

The ABC is joining in the worldwide synchronised launch of ‘Day of the Doctor’, and with the announcement from the BBC of the actual time it will start in the UK, we can safely speculate that the ABC’s screening will start at 6:50am AEST on 24 November.

What is confirmed is that the repeat that evening will start at 7:30pm. The docudrama about the origins of the show, ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, will follow directly afterwards at 8:50pm, and run another hour-and-a-half.

If you’re looking to see ‘Day of the Doctor’ in 3D at the cinemas (see our earlier post), be warned some sessions are selling out already. Most of the mainstream theatres have sessions at 4pm on Sunday 24 November, with some having extras at other times. The most options appears to be at Cinema Nova, with 11 sessions on the Sunday (some already sold out) and a few more in following days.

The trailer for ‘Day of the Doctor’ has been leaked a day early in Spain. For the moment at least, it can be viewed at:

There are literally dozens of other TV and radio shows related to the anniversary that will air around the world over the next few weeks… you may have to be more creative in finding them!

Doctor Who “pop-up shop” in Melbourne during November

A Doctor Who “pop-up shop” will appear in Richmond on this weekend, and hang around for about three weeks. The store opens at 9am on Saturday November 9, with prizes for the first 20 fans in costume.

The store will include a range of merchandise not normally distributed within Australia as well as a TARDIS and K-9 on display.

The store is at 177 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC, 3121 and open seven days a week.

More info at

Fiftieth Anniversary story to be shown in cinemas in Australia

A few hours after the worldwide debut on Sunday November 24 (our time), there will be screenings in 87 cinemas around Australia of ‘The Day of the Doctor’. The Victorian sites are:

Hoyts Northland
Hoyts Victoria Gardens
Hoyts Frankston
Hoyts Highpoint
Village Jam Factory
Village Fountain Gate
Village Southland
Village Knox
Village Sunshine
Cinema Nova
Dendy Brighton

Village Geelong
Peninsula Sorrento
Peninsula Rosebud
Peninsula Warragul

Hoyts Albury
Echuca Paramount
Deakin Cinema Mildura
Wangaratta Cinema Centre

Early fiftieth birthday present: lost episodes of Doctor Who found!

Finally, after more than a year of crazy rumours…

one does simply find Doctor Who episodes

Now we wait till Friday morning Australian time for the actual press conference, and to find out whether it’s 2, 17 (the oft-mentioned “MEW theory” of Marco Polo, Enemy of the World, and Web of Fear), or 105 episodes (c’mon, nobody thinks ‘The Feast of Stephen’ could possibly exist).

More info in this BBC News article.

And the new Doctor is… Peter Capaldi


‘The Next Doctor’ — revealed Monday 5 August at 4AM!

The ABC will simulcast the BBC announcement of the actor to play the twelfth incarnation of The Doctor. The live half-hour show will start this Monday at 4:00am Australian eastern time on ABC1, with a repeat on ABC2 at 8:30pm. It will also be available on iView on Monday morning.

Current Doctor Matt Smith and previous Doctors including Peter Davison will be included as part of the show, along with various old companions and current staff on the show.

A similar show (albeit pre-recorded) was run in advance of Matt Smith taking on the role, but never shown in Australia.

Daleks at The Astor

The Astor Theatre in St. Kilda has the 1960s Peter Cushing Dalek movies as a double feature on Saturday, August 3rd from 7:30pm (session finishes around 10:50pm)

See Dr Who and the Daleks and Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150AD as they were meant to be seen – on the big screen!

More information and tickets at

DWCV AGM this Saturday, July 27th

A reminder that this Saturday’s DWCV meeting includes the club’s AGM, which will commence at 12:20pm

The rest of the day will continue our theme of ’50 Years of Doctor Who‘, this time focussing on the Colin Baker and McCoy eras.

The July meeting runs midday – 4pm (please note earlier start time) at the regular venue, Northcote Town Hall, High St, Northcote.

All the new series being repeated!

Starting tomorrow with ‘Rose’, we get one new episode of ‘Doctor Who’ every weekday on ABC2 all the way through to November 22. One day off (perhaps!) and then presumably the fiftieth anniversary story gets aired here on November 24.

Now that’s one hell of a “catch-up”!

The search is on for a new Doctor…

BBC Twitter


This announcement follows a leaked BBC e-mail stating Series 8 was scheduled for August 2014, would be 12 episodes and would feature a new Doctor.

The Doctor will regenerate in the Christmas Special, not in the 50th anniversary special.

The full text of the BBC announcement, including quotes from Matt Smith and Steven Moffat can be read on the BBC website.