The Science of Doctor Who


Join in the fun of this amazing journey through space and time as comedian Rob Lloyd and his crew explore the mysteries of Doctor Who in an interactive audience experience.

Featuring plenty of original scenes from the iconic BBC television series, the pair investigate time travel and teleportation, ask if regeneration is possible, and explain
how the TARDIS can be bigger on the inside.

Three shows in Melbourne on Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, and Sunday 15th (for times and more details, check our events page).

Tickets and more information can be found at or on the Malthouse Theatre website

Lords of Time 3 – December 2014

First Contact Conventions have announced that Lords of Time 3 will take place on Saturday December 6th. This convention will focus around the 3rd Doctor, with the first guest announced as Richard Franklin (Captain Yates), with more guests to be announced soon. There will also be a show in Adelaide the following day.

For more information, keep up to date on the Facebook Event Page, or on the First Contact Conventions website.


Series 8 to Air in August

A new teaser trailer released by the BBC confirms that series 8 of Doctor Who will air in August. The 15 second trailer shows silhouette of the 12th Doctor in the TARDIS. No confirmation as yet as to when the ABC will be airing the series, but if recent seasons are of any indication, we’d hope that it will be shown the same day as the UK.

The trailer can be seen on YouTube here:


May DWCV Meeting – Radio Play and Cosplay

Next month’s meeting will be held on May 10th at the Northcote Town Hall. The meeting will combine a radio play – REVENGE OF THE UNREALISTRATIONS – being read and performed by members of the club, along with a couple of panels on cosplay and costuming.

We will also be having an informal cosplay competition. But there will be prizes, so dress up and join in as we’ll be having a prize for the best adult and child’s costume.

More information can be found on our events page here.

Doctor Who Preachrs Podcast 2

Be sure to check out the Doctor Who Preachrs Podcast Live recording as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The show features Rob Lloyd (Who, Me) and Benjamin Maio Mackay (Preachrs Podcast) as they are kidnapped by Daleks and questioned about The Doctor and much more. For more information visit our events page here, or why not just head straight to the booking page and buy a ticket!


Pop-Up Tardis Day in Elsternwick

In lieu of the cancelled Whoniverse event, The Tardis Guy will be holding a Pop-up Tardis Day at Elsternwick Park on Sunday March 9th from 10am onwards. An informal day in the park to just hang out and meet other fellow Whovians. Come in cosplay if you wish, bring a picnic, bring your friends! Have your photo taken with the TARDIS. We’ll also be there representing the club, so come by and say hello.

More information can be found on The Tardis Guy’s Facebook Event Page.

Whoniverse Event Cancelled

Hub Productions upcoming Whoniverse has been cancelled due to a personal issue which has prevented Matt Smith from traveling outside the UK. After Karen Gillian had to pull out of Melbourne and Sydney, the company had decided to cancel the event and issue refunds to those who had purchased tickets. A statement by Matt Smith has been posted on Hub’s website:

“I am deeply saddened to have to advise that I will not be able to come to Australia for the Hub Productions’ Whoniverse event. Although I wish it were otherwise, due to a personal family emergency it’s not possible for me to leave England at this time. I truly regret the situation, and the disappointment it must be causing, but I’m hoping to be able to reschedule as soon as possible for the future; I look forward to see you all then.”

For more information, visit Hub Productions event page. We wish Matt Smith all the best and hope his family is safe and well.

DWCV Club Meeting – March 8th

The next DWCV meeting will be held at the Northcote Town Hall on March 8th. We will be covering Doctor Who on YouTube and Romance in Doctor Who, along with running a member participation competition. For more information visit the events page here.

We’ll also have a ‘Time Tots Corner’ with activities for kids, so if you haven’t been sure whether you should bring your kids along before, then bring them along to enjoy the fun too, as Doctor Who is for all ages!

If you’re not a member and want to check us out, why not come along. It’s now only a gold-coin donation if you haven’t attended a meeting in the past!

Peter Davison to Appear on Studio 10

Peter Davison – The 5th Doctor – will be appearing on Channel 10’s ‘Studio 10′ program on Wednesday 12th February. Studio 10 is broadcast at 8:30am, although there is no mention of what time he will be appearing, according to their Facebook page, he will be arriving in the TARDIS. The program can also be viewed live online at Ten Play for those of you not near a TV at the time.

Lords of Time 2 Convention

Lords of Time 2 is being held in Melbourne this weekend – Saturday December 7. This is an opportunity to meet some of the companions from the classic series … and one Doctor.

Confirmed guests in attendance are:

  • Frazer Hines – Jamie, Companion for the 2nd Doctor
  • Deborah Watling – Victoria, Companion to the 2nd Doctor
  • Richard Franklin – Capt Mike Yates of UNIT with the 3rd Doctor
  • Mark Strickson – Turlough, Companion to the 5th Doctor
  • Daphne Ashbrook – Grace, Companion to the 8th Doctor
  • Nicola Bryant – Peri, Companion to the 5th and 6th Doctor
  • Wendy Padbury – Zoe, Companion to the 2nd Doctor
  • Paul McGann – The 8th Doctor
  • Charlie Hayes – Big Finish Productions
  • Nev Fountain – Writer of 3 Big Finish stories

For tickets and more information, visit; or tickets available on the day.

Daphne Ashbrook will also be performing a concert on Friday night (additional entrance cost applies).