‘The Day of the Doctor’ viewing figures

Despite airing from 6:50am on a Sunday morning in the east (and at 3:50am in Western Australia!) a rather stunning 424,000 people (in the “Five Cities” area, overnight) were up early to watch the simulcast of the anniversary story ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Something like 60,000 people then watched in a cinema during the day, and then there were 922,000 watching the repeat come 7:30pm, making it the #1 drama for the day, #1 show for the ABC, and #9 overall.

There were also 51,000 watching on iView.

‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ finished the night with 633,000 viewers, #17 for the day overall.

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  1. Posted 3 December 2013 at 7:43 am | Permalink

    And add 161,000 to ‘The Day of the Doctor’ to get a final five-city Consolidated rating of 1,084,000. That moves it past a couple Ashes sessions to 7th overall for the day.

    ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ added 71,000 to reach 708,000, remaining in 17th overall for the day.

    And yes, rounding errors.

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